For Employers

If you are considering employing someone with a visual impairment caused by retinitis pigmentosa, or if you have an employee that has been diagnosed with the condition, you will need to take steps to ensure that you treat them fairly and that you get the best from your valuable human resource.

There is, of course, plenty of legislation and regulation surrounding the employment of someone with a visual impairment, most notably the disability discrimination legislation. However it is always to mutual advantage to work beyond just ‘ticking the boxes’ and this section of this website is intended to help you do this.

We do understand that, as an employer, you won’t have a deep knowledge or understanding of every disability or condition that might affect your workforce. However, having identified that an employee has RP, it can help everyone involved – you, your business, your managers and the individual concerned – if you understand some basics about the condition and how to help.

The following four short pages are designed to provide this as well as online links to more in depth reading.