Providing Support

Your child will undoubtedly need support, whether he or she recognises it or asks for it explicitly or not. Human nature being what it is, this will vary hugely but the important thing is to be able to identify when it is needed, and who to turn to if you or your child needs help.

This link at the RP Fighting Blindness website includes comprehensive information on some of the emotional steps that your child will inevitably go through, and how you might deal with them.

The National Blind Children’s Society is an excellent source of advocacy and family support, plus links to other parents with children affected by sight loss.

The RP Helpline is run by volunteers, all of whom have RP or a family member with RP, and many of whom have brought up children with RP themselves. It is an excellent source in itself and in addition, helpliners can signpost you to other organisations or individuals that might be able to help you. They can also link you with other parents through the RP Telephone Befriending Service.

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