These last few pages of the RP Pathway provide some simple resources to help you get started on the rest of your journey.

  • A list of links to valuable organisations and sources of much more comprehensive information than could possibly be placed directly into this site. RP Fighting Blindness has deliberately tried to avoid duplicating lots of good work done by other sites, preferring a ‘signposting’ approach. However, if you do think that there is something we should include, please let us know, our contact details are at this link.
  • A visual representation of this RP Pathway, or the ‘RP Journey’, which in conjunction with this site might help you and your family navigate your way through the many questions you will have. This can be downloaded in Adobe pdf format.
  • More information about RP Fighting Blindness and the charity’s work to both support people with RP, and to find a cure. From here, there are links to scientific information about RP and RP research which you might want to explore later, as well as many pages referred to in this RP Pathway.

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