About RP Fighting Blindness

RP Fighting Blindness is the UK charity dedicated to supporting people with retinitis pigmentosa and to researching treatments and cures.

The charity’s mission is “… to stimulate and support high quality medical research with the aim of increasing scientific understanding of retinitis pigmentosa (and related conditions) and finding treatments or cures for the condition that, when developed, are accessible to anyone affected, and to identify or provide good quality and universally-accessible information and support services for people affected.”

RP Fighting Blindness’s primary objective is to find a treatment for RP, a genetic disease of the eye which results in the deterioration of vision, and often complete blindness. The charity does this by raising funds for medical and scientific research and using this money to stimulate and support cutting edge projects ranging from basic science to clinical trials of potential treatments.  There is a long way to go, but a cure will be found, the timescale will be determined by the quality and quantity of research undertaken.

Secondly, the charity provides key information and support services to people with RP and their families through an extensive website, a quarterly magazine, a range of leaflets and booklets, a network of local groups linking people together socially and in times of need, a confidential helpline, and more – including of course this RP Pathway.

For more information and contact details please visit the charity’s website

RP Fighting Blindness is registered charity number 271729.

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